Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi said that his government faces new challenges after the elimination of “terrorism” and promised a comprehensive plan to fight corruption and corruption.
“The government has new challenges after the elimination of terrorist groups is to protect the security of cities and citizens from the terrorist cells that we will face intelligence, as well as organized crime and the smuggling of arms and drugs and others,” Abbadi said in a speech at the victory ceremony held by the federal police in Baghdad.
He added: “The enemy was broken and we achieved victory on the ground, psychologically and morally through your attention to citizens and human rights, and protected the elderly and displaced people and share your food and your mouth.”
Abadi praised the tremendous development in the capabilities of the federal police, its unification with the rest of the security formations and its fight against “the army, counterterrorism, popular mobilization, tribalism and peshmerga, and making sacrifices for the country.”
The Iraqi Prime Minister stressed the need to develop the “Police Martyrs’ Fund” through the government care for him, and the continued wounded by their service, stressing that the government is ready to provide the appropriate conditions for that, and that “do not retreat from fighting corruption.”
He said: “There is a comprehensive plan to fight corruption and corrupt, and must be removed from the security services, and does not affect the achievement of victory.”
Abadi announced last Tuesday that the “anti-corruption mission” would start, noting that the mission would not end within days.


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