Iranian President Hassan Rowhani

Iranian President Hassan Rowhani said that the Iranian people are proud that his revolution is the only one that has produced without the support of any foreign power, but the people have relied on themselves and through its unity, altruism and sacrifices to overthrow a regime that was armed from head to toe and supported by all major powers.
“We are proud in the whole region that our people choose the form of their own government and we can not protect our system from the people’s opinion and criticism,” Rohani said.
“No one in Washington can imagine that the Iranian people can decide from there. The memory of our people has not forgotten your attacks and you have imposed a ban on the Iranian people for years,” Rowhani said.
President Rohani said: “You have kept the ban on the Iranian people for years. Was it your right to harm the people or to serve them? You banned even the entry of medicines to the Iranian people. You also looted the Iranian people’s money.
“You fought the Muslim people and you considered them terrorists. Are you the protectors of the Iranian people? The Iranian people are keen on their future and their spare youth are thinking about the future of their country.
Rohani expressed thanks to all the people of Kerman province and said he would sponsor the opening of projects worth more than 10,000 billion tomans.
Ruhani said that the Kerman earthquake and the damage to the towns of Kuhbanan and Raour and the earthquake-affected areas were among the goals of his inspection tour of Kerman province.
He said he would announce to the quake-stricken people tomorrow when they would receive their built-up homes, stressing the need to continue temporary housing operations for quake victims.


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