the head of the political bureau of the Palestinian Hamas movement, Ismail Haniyeh,

The US Treasury has included the head of the political bureau of the Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas Ismail Haniyeh on the “list of terrorism,” while Hamas announced its condemnation of this decision.
The inclusion of Haniyeh in this list comes more than a month after US President Donald Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as the capital of the occupation, bringing the number of Palestinian leaders on the “terrorism list” to eight.
Washington uses this classification against those who claim to be “a danger to the Americans,” as well as against resistance movements, global liberation movements and support for Zionist policies to undermine resistance leaders.
The US Treasury included Mohammed al-Dheif, commander-in-chief of the Qassam Brigades, Fathi Hammad, a member of the Hamas political bureau; Rahi Mashtah, member of the Hamas political bureau; Yahya al-Senwar, head of the Hamas movement in Gaza; Ahmed al-Ghandour, commander of the al-Qassam Brigades; General of Islamic Jihad, within the so-called lists of “terrorism”.
The Islamic Resistance Movement Hamas denounced the US Treasury decision to include the head of the political bureau of the movement Ismail Haniyeh on the “list of terrorism” and described it as “the desperate attempt to pressure the resistance.”
“The decision is ridiculous, as if we are Palestinians looking for a certificate of good conduct in America,” said Hossam Badran, a spokesman for the movement, in a Facebook blog.
Badran added: “After the Trump decision on Jerusalem is no longer surprising or excluded.
He stressed that no one applies the term terrorism in the region more than the occupation state with all its political, security and military components and financial arms that finance the killing of children and the demolition of houses and the seizure of Palestinian land.
For his part, said Daoud Shihab, spokesman for the Islamic Jihad, that the US decision against Haniyeh “comes in the context of the continued American targeting of our people and its rights and cause, which represents one of the aspects of American hostility.”
The leader of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, Hussein Mansour, said: “The American decision against the leader Ismail Haniyeh does not equal the ink that was written in it, and our resistance is continuing; describing Haniyeh as” a symbol of our people proud of us and all the free world, and we are on his side and support him and our people is a protection Him from the oppression of the occupation and the American administration. ”
Mansour said that the American decision against Haniyeh reflects the terrorist mindset of the criminal state of America, which is trying to overthrow the image and to absolve the real terrorism represented by the Zionist occupation.


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