Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman

Two British lawyers have accused Saudi Arabia of serious human rights violations and have demanded that Riyadh be suspended from the UN Human Rights Council.
Where two British jurists, Ken McDonald and Rodney Dixon, prepared a report confirming that “the Saudi authorities arrest dozens of peaceful opponents without trial and without official charges against them.”
The report coincides with Britain’s readiness to receive Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, a spokeswoman for Prime Minister Theresa May last December welcoming the UK to visit him in the new year.
The report focuses on the arrest of a number of “dissidents and bloggers” in Saudi Arabia last September without their place of detention so far. “The arrests have been so secret that no basic information about them, including their identities or charges, “He said.
The British report called on UN member states to suspend Saudi Arabia’s membership in the Human Rights Council.
Attorneys Kean MacDonald and Rodney Dixon are preparing to submit the report to the Human Rights Council in Geneva, confirming that “61 arrests were in violation of Saudi and international law” in the kingdom.
The report recommends that the United Nations General Assembly “consider urgently the question of the suspension of Saudi Arabia’s membership in the Human Rights Council, in accordance with the decision to deport States that commit serious and systematic violations of human rights.”
Amnesty International has said that human rights in Saudi Arabia have deteriorated considerably since Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman took office in June 2017, despite the Saudi authorities’ promotion of reforms in the kingdom.
Saudi Arabia, as well as criticism of its repressive domestic policies, is facing a wave of strong regional, international and even Islamist protests over the war and unjust bombardment of innocent civilians, including children and women in Yemen. The United Nations says the war has caused the worst humanitarian crisis.


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