The Lebanese Hezbollah

Hezbollah denounced statements made by the Zionist war minister, Avigdor Lieberman, and described them as part of the policy of aggression against Lebanon.
Hezbollah said in a statement issued in this regard:
The statements of the Minister of War in the Government of the Zionist enemy is a new expression of the continuing Israeli ambitions in the wealth of Lebanon and its land and water, and fall within the framework of the policy of aggression against Lebanon and its sovereignty and legitimate rights.
The statement added: “We express our support for the positions of the three presidents and the other Lebanese officials against this new aggression. We reiterate our firm and unequivocal position in firmly confronting any aggression on our oil and gas rights, defending Lebanon’s facilities and protecting its wealth.
Lieberman had threatened to invade Lebanon and threatened to bring all the residents of Beirut into shelters, according to the newspaper “Haaretz”.


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