The child Laith Haitham Abu Naim student Almguir school

The Palestinian Ministry of Health officially announced the death of the child Laith Haitham Abu Naim (16 years), from serious injuries sustained in the village of Mughair, northeast of Ramallah.
Local sources said that an Israeli soldier opened fire on the child, Laith Haitham Abu Na’im, 16, a student of the Mughir school, who was wounded from a distance of zero, according to the Ma’an News Agency website.
Abu Na’im was taken to Ramallah hospital for treatment. The boy was taken to the operating room and was pronounced dead hours later.
Violent confrontations broke out between the youths and the occupation forces, which stormed the village, amid the indiscriminate firing of poison gas. The youths and the parents responded by throwing stones and empty bottles at the occupation forces.
Local sources in the village said that the body of the martyr will be buried after the performance of prayers on Wednesday afternoon in the village of Mughair.
The death of the child Abu Naim, the number of martyrs since the beginning of this year to 8 martyrs, four of them at the age of 16 years.


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