Iran's top foreign affairs official, Hussein Gabri Ansari

Iran’s top foreign affairs official, Hussein Gabri Ansari, held talks with a number of Syrian opposition figures.
The talks were held on Tuesday on the sidelines of the Syrian National Dialogue Conference in Sochi to discuss and exchange views on the conference’s activities and efforts to restore peace and stability to Syria.
He also held separate talks with the head of a stream of “wheat” (values, citizenship, rights), Haitham Mannaa, Elian Massad (one of the opposition leaders in the interior), Louay Hussein, Deputy Secretary-General of the National Democratic Action Commission), Mona Ghanem (Assistant Secretary-General of the State-Building Movement) and Asma Kftaro (member of the Women’s Advisory Council of Stefan de Mistura).
The Syrian-Syrian National Dialogue Conference was held in the Russian city of Sochi on Tuesday, where it issued a statement reaffirming full respect and commitment to the sovereignty, independence, integrity and integrity of the Syrian Arab Republic. The Syrian people are committed to the return of the Syrian Golan Occupied by all legal means in accordance with the Charter of the United Nations and international law.
The statement stressed the need for full respect and commitment to Syrian national sovereignty on an equal footing with other countries and non-interference in their internal affairs. Syria should regain its full role in the international arena and in the region as part of the Arab world.
The statement pointed out that the Syrian people determine the future of their country independently and democratically through the elections and has the exclusive right to choose its political, economic and social system without external pressure or interference, in accordance with the rights and obligations of Syria on the international scene.
The statement stressed the importance of maintaining the army and the armed forces and fulfilling its duties in accordance with the constitution, including protecting the national borders and the people from external threats and combating terrorism to protect citizens wherever required. Security and intelligence institutions focus on maintaining national security and act in accordance with the law.
The statement expressed full rejection of the various forms of terrorism, fanaticism, extremism and religious discrimination and the obligation to combat it effectively.


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